Vodtel MOSA VoIP Gateway :

The MOSA 4500 Series VoIP PBX gateway take advantage of your existing Internet bandwidth by sending fax and voice data over your IP network, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of voice quality. The MOSA 4500 Series VoIP PBX gateway makes full use of Internet resources and helps companies make substantial savings on communication cost.

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Brochure 1 and Brochure 2


Antek VoIP Gateway :

Antek EGW-802/EGW-804 are both SIP and H.323 compliant with one/two modules supporting 2/4 phone/line ports and one
Ethernet interface VoIP gateway. A telephone, fax machine, PBX, or the PSTN line can be directly connected to the gateway
and gain the benefit of Voice over IP immediately with no additional software or complicated configuration required. Equipped
with the best DSP solutions supporting both G.723.1A and G729AB CODEC and echo cancellation and others, the gateway
achieves best quality and efficiencies in the VoIP field.

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Mediatek AudiMax SMART Phone :

It is a new revolutionary technology product, which enables you to communicate online! Just by connecting "SMART"(USB) on any individual PC Desktop, notebook or barebones, and download the free online instant messenger software programs MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, QQ or ICQ to start online voice communication. It also supports Commercial Video Conference Software for more business applications.

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產品資訊 / Product Brochure

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Using with Skype



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